The Kogarah Historical Society has produced many publications which may be of interest to those curious about our local history.

Some have been winners of the prestigious Ron Rathbone Local History Prize and are reproduced here .

There is also a fine collections of books (displayed below) which can be purchased at any general meeting of the Society, or by mail order from the appropriate sub-menu.


General Books

Carlton Roll of Honour
CARLTON ROLL OF HONOUR  Researched and compiled by members of Kogarah Historical Society.
Edited by Beverley Earnshaw.
Price $10 Postage $7.50
   (Now on Sale for $5 + postage)

Carss Park
CARSS PARK  by Beverley Earnshaw.
Price $15 Postage $7.50
   (Now on Sale for $5 + postage)

Houses & Heritage
HOUSES AND HERITAGE Residences of the Kogarah Municipality from Sans Souci to Oatley, From Kogarah Township to the Georges River by Beverley Earnshaw assisted by Janette Hollebone.
Price $10 Postage $7.50
   (Now on Sale for $5 + postage)

THE LAND BETWEEN TWO RIVERS The St George District in Federation Times by Beverley Earnshaw.
Price $20 Postage $7.50

Australian Sculptor
AN AUSTRALIAN SCULPTOR William Priestly MacIntosh by Beverley Earnshaw assisted by Janette Hollebone.
Price $10 Postage $7.50
   (Now on Sale for $5 + postage)

ONE FLAG, ONE HOPE, ONE DESTINY Sir Joseph Carruthers and Australian Federation by Beverley Earnshaw.
Price $10 Postage $7.50
   (Now on Sale for $5 + postage)

Price $5 Postage $2.00
Children’s Books in History Alive! Series, written by Beverley Earnshaw and published by Kogarah Historical Society by courtesy of the Gwen Coxhead bequest. A5 format 24pp. All books $7.50 plus $2.00 postage.
   (Now on Sale for $5 each, or $25 for a set of six books + postage)

Greek Pirates
Australia’s Greek Pirates
A convict story of the first Greeks to come to Australia.
Paddy Tuffy Paddy Tuffy and the Hairy Goat
Paddy Tuffy drove the first Sans Souci Steam Tram. He meets the working men of the 19th century, and encounters the antics of a big feral goat.
Whale Hunters Kidnapped by the Whale Hunters
The true story of an 8 year old boy kidnapped from the Sydney docks in 1811 to work on a whaler.
Convict Slave Girls The Convict Slave Girls
The true story of Constance aged 10 and Elizabeth aged 12, the only two female children ever transported to NSW as convicts. Slaves in Mauritius, they were convicted of attempted murder, but the tragic incident would not have happened if only they had been able to read.
Gold Diggers The Young Gold Diggers
In 1853 two boys aged 9 and 11 walked with their father from Sydney to the Bathurst gold diggings, a distance of about 200 km. There they joined the merry community of gold prospectors on the Ophir and Turon gold fields.
Animal Adventurers Animal Adventurers
Cocky Bennett sailed around the world seven times and lived to the age of 119. His final years were spent at the Sea Breeze Hotel at Tom Ugly’s Point where his delightful antics raised money for St George Hospital.
Jemmy the Castaway Dog belonged to artist, Augustus Earle. In 1824 the two were left stranded on far away Tristan du Cunha, the most remote island in the world and were not rescued for eight months.
Trim sailed with his master, Matthew Flinders, aboard the Investigator. Together they sailed round the world, circumnavigated Australia, were shipwrecked on the Great Barrier Reef and imprisoned on the island of Mauritius.